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Infrastructure engineering at DWP Digital

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I’m David Scrivens, and I work in infrastructure engineering at DWP Digital.  I’ve been here about a year, having previously worked in other organisations which support DWP networks, such as BT and HP.

David Scrivens, Infrastructure engineer
David Scrivens, Infrastructure engineer

Although I’ve only been here a short time, I’ve found myself involved in one of DWP Digital’s biggest projects at the moment; bringing cloud networking into the DWP estate.

Breaking boundaries

We’re currently delivering the new cloud security boundary that will provide connectivity of the DWP network to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Office365.  It’s a completely new thing for DWP, and I’d say that it’s pretty cutting-edge.  It’s the biggest project I’ve worked on in terms of using new technologies and learning new skills.

Through this implementation we’ll be able to bring connectivity for Universal Credit Full Service off the current gateway, which has been a major bottleneck.  The new security boundary has been designed to be a much leaner and faster method of connectivity which will have a big benefit to the end user.

The first phase of delivering this new security boundary is definitely my biggest achievement in DWP Digital so far.  We’ve now got connection to the DWP network from AWS, it just needs to be delivered in full by the end of September in conjunction with Universal Credit Full Service, to bring the agent traffic from DWP into AWS.  It’s no small feat!

Making a difference

As part of DWP’s digital transformation programme, we’re completely overhauling the technology infrastructure for the whole department. And it’s clear to see the impact that our digital services are having on real people’s lives; it’s motivating to be part of that.

For example, I recently supported the Cross Domain Bridge in UKCloud. One of the aspects of this was connecting up new digital services from Il2(Assured) into IL3(Elevated).  This included our fit note, Tell Us Once and Check your State Pension applications, all of which make a massive difference to our customers’ lives.  It’s satisfying to know that my help enabled those applications to get off the ground.

A unique opportunity

There’s no greater challenge out there at the moment when you look at all the things the DWP is trying to do all at once.  This is why we need to build our workforce and get people on board who want to make that difference.

I think DWP has so much to offer anybody considering working here; there are roles that will help fulfil pretty much any career aim. And I find the flexibility of working here allows me to have a great work-life balance, meaning I have plenty of time for long walks with my pet dog, come rain or shine!

The opportunities afforded to me in my first year have surpassed all my expectations – not just in terms of the work I’ve been doing, but in that I’ve met some amazing colleagues who I now consider friends for life.

If you’re looking for your next challenge, I’d highly recommend checking out what roles we currently have of offer. Take a look at our jobs site, follow us on Twitter @DWPDigital and @DWPDigitalJobs, or subscribe to this blog.

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