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Lesley Thompson, senior business analyst, DWP Digital

Taking the Child Maintenance Services online: our digital journey

Lesley Thompson, senior business analyst at DWP Digital, presenting at Product People North

Applying for Child Maintenance Services online has now been available for over a year. In our latest blog post, senior business analyst Lesley Thompson looks back at the work that took place to get the service up and running during lockdown.

Our Digital Voices six months on: new challenges, new ways of working and finding a balance

Jude Robinson, Lesley Thompson and Joanne Huggins from the third cohort of Digital Voices

Three of our latest cohort of Digital Voices members talk about their experiences during COVID-19, which have included deployment to other areas of the business and balancing work with the demands of home schooling.

Our experience as Digital Voices presenting at Product People North

Sinéad and Lesley, two of our Digital Voices presenting at Product People North

Sinéad Krzyzyk and Lesley Thompson are learning new digital skills as part of our Digital Voices programme. In this blogpost they reflect on their first experience of doing a joint presentation at the Product People North event.