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Lisa Payne, product manager, DWP Digital

How we made Pension Credit applications available online

Apply for Pension Credit website

Product Manager Lisa Payne explains how her team worked to make applications for Pension Credit available online during the COVID-19 pandemic, a service that could help to save time and assist some of our most vulnerable citizens.

How we built our confidence by presenting at Women in Digital

Lisa, Jane and Julie presenting at Women in Digital

The Digital Voices programme is helping women in DWP Digital build their confidence and tell their stories. Three of the Digital Voices, Jane, Julie and Lisa played a key role at the recent Women in Digital event, delivering an afternoon …

What we’ve learned so far from Digital Voices

Deb from Digital Voices interviewed by a camera crew

DWP Digital’s Digital Voices programme is helping women in the organisation build their confidence, learn digital skills and grow their networks. In this blog post, four of the Digital Voices explain why they’re taking part and what they’re getting out …