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How we’re keeping DWP’s business transformation on track

Business Design Authority

As we’ve said at our recent transformation events, business transformation is about having a vision and making sure everyone is working towards it. Transforming government is no different. At DWP we have continued to deliver our major welfare reform agenda, but …

Tunnelling forward via DWP's Service Design Forum

My friend and colleague Andrew Besford and I have been talking about tunnelling forwards from today (me) and tunnelling backwards from our 2020 vision (Andrew). In his recent Sprint DWP presentations, Andrew even used a photo of the breakthrough moment of …

How we're building our Business Design skills at DWP

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Affinity sorting

It has been about 6 months since we started to build the Business Design community at DWP. Some of our community are already finding that being able to operate in these roles is a great way  to develop their career.  When we set up …