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Rachel Woods - Product Owner

Rachel Woods, lead product owner, DWP Digital

How mission statements can help product managers across government

Rachel Woods, product owner, DWP Digital

I’m Rachel Woods, a senior product owner at DWP Digital. At the recent cross-government event for product managers in Leeds (hosted by HMRC) I was asked to talk about mission statements.

Standing in the shoes of users at the Cross Government Hack

Rachel and colleagues at the Cross Government Hack in Leeds

Hi, I’m Rachel Woods, a product owner at DWP Digital. On 21 and 22 February myself and colleagues from government departments and agencies such as the NHS, DVLA, Home Office and the Government Digital Service came together in Leeds for a …

Why testing early and failing fast is no bad thing

I was very excited just before Christmas when the DWP Secure Communications team headed out into the big world to test our authentication service with real General Practitioners (GPs). Our team is currently working hard to get our service into Private …

Our successful GDS Alpha Review - what I learned

The Secure Communications team recently passed their GDS Alpha review to move into Beta. Product Owner Rachel Woods reflects on the review and offers some insider knowledge on the experience. There's a phrase often used in the legal world: "if …