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Learning & Development

How setbacks have helped us improve our services

A laptop displays the New Style ESA guidance website

Learning from your mistakes can be just as important as celebrating your successes. In our latest blogpost, senior software engineer Ryan Thompson reflects on a recent experience that has ultimately helped to improve an important service.

5 tips on running virtual events

Shows tech set up for a virtual event with screens and a tripod

Running large-scale virtual events can be challenging, in a new climate where people are working from home it’s vital that our colleagues know what our priorities are and how we are going to work together to deliver them. Read Andrea's top tips on how to do it successfully.

Attracting the future coding generation into DWP Digital

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I’m Linda Newton and I’m a Delivery Support Manager, and I’m James Peart and I'm a Delivery Manager. Our recent events for school students to find out more about DWP Digital have been a great success but we wanted to …