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communities of practice

Helping our Engineering community of practice to learn and develop

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A digital delivery culture poster

Over the past few years we’ve been forming a strong Engineering community of practice in DWP Digital with various communities supporting each other. In the Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Community we’ve been working closely with anyone we can find …

How DWP Digital’s delivery community comes together to share knowledge

Mark Bailey with colleagues from DWP's delivery manager community

DWP Digital’s delivery community plays a key role in building the services that more than 22 million DWP customers use every day. They work in a community of practice where teams share knowledge and experience to continually iterate the services …

Why inclusion matters in our communities of practice

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Marie Cheung, DWP Digital

A community of practice means having the right people working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams with access to the right support network. Working in this way means it’s easier to share knowledge and build capability. Communities lead to a more cohesive, …